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Visual Texting is a mobile phone app that stores and displays words and short phrases in large text as a digital sign. It is free for Android and iPhone/iPad. Visual Texting is not an SMS (text-messaging) application.

For instructions, see the Android or iPhone/iPad page, as the versions are slightly different.

Fun Messages

Feel free to copy and paste these messages into VText:
  • Hi! You're Cute!
  • I Love This Song!
  • Free Hugs!
  • Smile :)
  • I ♥ You
  • I ♠ My Dog
  • Spread the word
  • Let's Dance
  • Don't Yell Into Your Phone
  • That's What She Said
  • My Number Is
  • What's Your Number?
  • It's Called Visual Texting

Symbols to Copy

Smiley ☺, heart ♥, clubs ♣, diamonds ♦

More symbols to copy and paste - if a symbol shows up in your browser, it will probably work in VText.