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The cerebellum, which in Latin means little brain, is the part of the hindbrain responsible for motor coordination, equilibrium, and balance. It contains hundreds of millions of neurons which processes the data sent between body areas involved in motor functions. It is also consist of white matter and an outer thin layer of grey matter. The grey matter called cerebellar cortex has smaller and denser compact folds compared than those in the cerebral cortex.


The cerebellum is located at the base of the skull, superior to the brainstem and inferior to the occipital bone of the cerebral cortex.


The surface of the cerebellum has smaller denser and more parallel creases than those of the cerebral cortex. Actually, the cerebellum is a continuous layer of tissue folded tightly in an accordion. Within these layers are various types of neurons such as granule cells and Purkinje cells; and at the base is a ventricle filled with fluid.

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