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England is a European country in the North Sea. It is the largest member of the United Kingdom, both in size (just over fifty thousand square miles) and by population (fifty-one million people). England was unified by Athelstan in the 10th Century CE, and slowly developed its own political and legal systems it is the home of the English language.




England's geography is characterised by moderation in all things. Its highest peak, Scafell Pike, is lower than the highest peaks of France, Wales and Scotland, and throughout the land its uplands are characterised by a gently rolling nature, with harsh ruggedness limited to a few areas of Cornwall, Devon, Derbyshire and Cumbria. the East and much of the South are much flatter; the soil is highly fertile and supports a strong agriculture sector. England's main rivers are mostly navigable, and are connected by a series of canals. It rains a lot in England, especially in the west of the country, and this rain is responsible for the aptly-named Lake District.

England is densely populated, with several large cities including Birmingham and Manchester; London, the capital, was once the world's largest city.


England is the only part of the UK without its own administrative body; instead, it is ruled directly by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Its local administration has been reformed several times, leaving a patchwork of counties, districts, boroughs and Unitary authorities.



England, while slow to develop a strong classical music culture, has nevertheles excelled in popular music, with many world-famous music acts coming from the country, including The Beatles, the most famous, best-selling and influential pop group of all.


English literature could be said to predate the language itself. The Anglo-Saxon epic poems Beowulf, Widsith and The Battle of Maldon setting the tone for later English language works; chief among them The Canterbury Tales and Paradise Lost. The English novel, beginning with Le Morte d'Arthur and flourishing most strongly in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, is another strong theme. Shakespeare's plays are renowned as the finest examples of the genre.


England is most well-known internationally in a sporting sense, with its football, cricket and rugby teams represented by an England national side rather than a UK team. These three sports (invented in England) are its most popular team sports. Athletics, horse racing, motor racing, sailing, cycling and boxing are also widespread.

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