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In animals, the mouth is the primary body opening of the alimentary canal which takes in food. It is also regarded as the source of speech and sound. Animals including vertebrates have a digestive system which functions starting at the mouth and with the anus in the end.

Human Mouth

The human mouth has a relevant function in breathing, eating, drinking, communicating and expressing emotions. It is generally moist, lined with mucous membrane and has teeth. Lips mark the boundaries of the mucous membrane from the skin.

Babies are born with a sucking reflex, that’s why they know how to use their lips and jaw to suck for nourishment.

Voice is produced in the throat but the lips, tongue and jaw are also important in making the range of sounds in language.

Human smile, laugh, cry, kiss and more through the mouth to express emotion or feelings.

Parts of the Mouth

-Upper Jaw

-Lower Jaw




-Teeth and gums

-Cheek muscles



-Salivary glands

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