Muscles of the forearm (Anatomy map)

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This anatomy diagram shows the muscles on the posterior side of the forearm. The two main muscles here are used to extend the wrist - to turn it away from the palm. This is a left arm, with the palm of the hand facing away. The elbow is turned significantly, with the hand almost fully supinated.

This is an anatomy map. Clicking on a muscle will link to its article.

Triceps brachii muscleBiceps brachii muscleBrachioradialis muscleExtensor carpi radialis longus muscleAnconeus muscleExtensor carpi ulnaris muscleExtensor digitorum muscleExtensor carpi radialis brevis muscleExtensor digiti minimi muscleAbductor pollicis longus muscleExtensor pollicis brevis muscleExtensor pollicis longus muscleHumeral lateral epicondyleMuscles of the handMuscles of the shoulder'The muscles of the forearm.'

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This is a left arm, with the palm of the hand facing away

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