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The pelvis is the section of the body between the low back and the hips. The term pelvis often refers to only the bones in this section of the body, but can also refer to the whole section, including the buttocks, reproductive organs, and urinary tract.

Iliac crestIliac crestIlium boneIlium boneSacrum boneCoccyxPubic boneIschium boneIschium bone

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The pelvis is made of several bones that show little relative motion and move primarily as a single unit.

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Pelvis Skeleton

The pelvis skeleton is also referred to as the bony pelvis. In mammals, there is gap located in the middle which is notably larger in females than in males. This is where babies are delivered during birth.

The top portion is called the pelvic inlet and the edge is the pelvic brim.

It is a large compound bony structure which is in bilateral symmetric shape composed of:

Pelvic girdle

Pelvic region of the spine

Name Origin

It is derived from a Latin word for ‘basin’.

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