Serratus posterior inferior muscle

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The serratus posterior inferior muscle is a muscle of the mid back that connects the rib cage to the spine. It attaches to the rib cage over the 9th to 12th ribs. It is divided up into four sections, and receives blood supply from the intercostal artery.

The serratus posterior inferior compresses the rib cage down and toward the spine. Having the rib cage pulled to the back allows a better range of motion for the upper body, giving it the ability to rotate and extend. This also assists in breathing, acting as a balance to the pull on the rib cage caused by the diaphragm.



The serratus posterior inferior originates from the supraspinous ligament and the spinous processes of the last two thoracic vertebrae, T11 and T12, and the first two lumbar vertebrae, L1, and L2.


The serratus posterior inferior inserts on the posterior side of the four lowest ribs, 9-12.

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