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Space is an infinite three-dimensional scope in which objects and events have relative position and direction.

The concept of space is fundamental significant in understanding the physical universe. But, philosophers have different beliefs if space is an entity itself, relationship among entities, or a part of a conceptual framework.

Physical space is usually visualized in 3 linear dimensions. Modern physicists consider it as 4-dimensional continuum with time and is called spacetime.

In mathematics, space is examined in various numbers of dimensions and with different level of structures. It is defined as a set and described in accordance to Euclidean space. Its properties depend on the connection of its points on the manifold.

In physics, space is one of the fundamental quantities such as mass and time. It is studied through experiment and measurement. Space cannot be defined based on other quantities but can be related to them.

Based on Einstein’s relativity of motion, space and time can be combined mathematically- the space time. He postulated that it is geometrically distorted or curved near gravitationally significant body masses.

This relativity theory paves the advances in cosmology. It’s believed that space was created 13.8 billion years ago in a big bang explosion. The general shape of the shape is unidentified and is expanding rapidly due to Cosmic Inflation.

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