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Wixpert users are ranked based on their contributions to the site. As a way of rewarding contributors, the higher a user's rank, the more ads will be run through the ad sharing program and the more money they can earn from it.

Wixpert's ranking system is designed to reward meaningful contributions to the site. Rank can be improved by making frequent contributions to the site. For ideas on where to contribute, see Wixpert:Requests.

How Rank is Computed

The ranking algorithm is kept secret. It is based mainly on the thumbs up/thumbs down ratings on each edit. The more thumbs up your edits get, the higher your rank will go. In some cases, Wixpert's editors may raise or lower a user's rank manually.

What is my rank?

To see your rank, go to Special:MyRatings (same as 'My ratings' in the sidebar). Rank is kept private from other users except for site administrators.

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